A Crackingly Eggsessive Easter – Super Chocolate Porridge

Sorry for the pun. As ever my yokes are eqqstraordinarly bad.

Since it’s Easter I thought I’d pull out all of the stops and make a truly eggsessive breakfast. And yes, I know it’s now Easter Monday but I was too hungover for a chocolate breakfast yesterday… Health wise I would definitely not recommend you eat this more than once in your lifetime. Happiness wise I’d recommend eating it every day. On balance maybe keeping it as a yearly Easter treat is a good compromise.

This bowl doesn’t just have delicious Easter toppings but the porridge itself was also influenced by the ingredients of a Simnal cake. I’d totally recommend the basic (but tasty!) oats recipe as a scrummy and more balanced everyday breakfast when you don’t feel you can justify the addition of the creme and mini eggs.

IMG_20170417_153259_790Just look at the amazingly gooey creme egg that you get if you can cope with waiting for it to melt slightly (it’s worth it!)!!!!!!



1 Large handful of oats

150ml Almond milk

50ml Fresh orange juice

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1.5 tsp sultanas

1.5 tsp chopped, dried peel

6 Mini Eggs

1 Creme Egg


Mix the oats, sultanas, peel, cinnamon and milk in a bowl and add a dash or two of water if needed.

Microwave for 2 mins.

Stir and pour in the orange juice before microwaving for another minute.

Decorate with the creme egg and mini eggs.

If you have the patience, leave for a minute or two allowing the chocolate to slightly melt before tucking in!


As always please let me know what you think and hope you all had an egg-sellent chocolate and porridge filled Easter.





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