Almond my God – Apple and Almond Porridge

There is just so much almondy goodness in this recipe it made me very happy. It also kept me going through a 4 hour frisbee training session too so it must be good. Ingredients: 1 large handful of oats 100ml milk (in hindsight almond milk would have made this extra almondy!) 1.5 tsp of ground... Continue Reading →


Banana’s for Porridge – Double Banana Hygee Bowl

This is a super easy recipe but cooking half of the banana with the porridge makes it taste extra sweet and delicious! It does mean the oats take an extra minute or two to cook but it's totally worth it. Ingredients: 1 large handful of oats 1 banana Hearty glug of milk 1.5 tsps of mixed... Continue Reading →

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